Welcome To My New Blog

Let’s begin at the beginning, for want of a better place.

Hi! My name is Jorge and I have worked in content production for companies all over the world. I have never worked on my own blog and this led me to start thinking about the different topics that I could talk about in my random musings. The one place I have always loved is my hometown of Javea and I thought this was a perfect place to start.

I have lived in the local area for over twenty years and interact on a daily basis with local businesses, news, areas of interest and other characteristics of the town, so this is what the blog will be about. My interactions with all of the a fore mentioned. I hope to that hopefully someone will like to read my opinions on the town but generally this is a very selfish act of putting my thoughts down on a blog where I can keep them.

If you are reading this I hope that I can help you to find a part of Javea that you did not know existed or a business that helps you to solve a particular issue or need. At the very least I hope you are entertained for a little while. Sit back and take in the thoughts of wine love, gin lover (two lots of alcohol!), exclamation mark lover!!!! and a normal person experiencing everything the Costa Blanca town of Javea / Xabia has to offer.

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