Rent To Buy Spain

I have recently been looking to buy a new house in Javea. I have lived here for over 20 years and finally wanted to find a small apartment that would be my first step onto the property ladder. One new company that caught my eye was Rent To Buy Spain. They offer property for sale in Javea by first renting, then after a set amount of time you would have the amount of rent paid deducted from the final cost of the house. I had heard of this method in the UK but never in the local area.

It is not a method I am unfamiliar with as I own cars on a similar basis but when it came to buying a house I really liked the idea of trying out the property for a year or more before committing to buying. If I did not like it then it was nothing lost as I would have paid the rent for a property like that anyway. I looked into the company a little further and although they trade all across Spain, they are based right in Javea (even better!). The website didn’t have as many properties as other agents but what I saw seemed to be a selection of villas and apartments that really appealed to me. The money needed seemed much more reasonable too.

I guess as the company is based in Javea this is why they have the most property for sale in the local area, but this section of the website certainly seemed to offer the most options currently, this might change after the time of writing. I will certainly be checking back to see what else they have to offer.

I am not sure if it is the option I will choose and I am sure through my search I will write about many more agents but out of curiosity this was a great first find! If nothing else it gave me something to use as my first blog post on the new website.

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